Action Dad

Liz Ramsey and her brother Mick have a seemingly normal life. Well, normal, except that their dad is a super secret action hero. Oh, and also, their mom is a super secret villain! Yes, the beloved married couple of Chuck Ramsey and Angela Ramsey includes a bit of chaos, with the two each working for competing agencies – S.H.H.H.H. (Super Hush Hush High-octane Heroics & Haberdashery) and ARGH. However, despite their opposing view points, they both agree on how important their kids are. Sure, Action Dad features the two shooting at each other with laser blasters and rocket launchers, but, in the end, it’s all for the children!

ACTION DAD is 26 half-hour animated television episodes filled with comedy, adventure and lots of fun-filled action produced by Hawaii Film Partners and Toonzone Studios. Instead of family get-togethers, the Ramsey’s days are filled with cliffhanging car chases, parachute-free skydiving, bad guys like Barron Von Dash chasing them with an army of ninjoids and tanks with laser blasting soldiers breaking down their door at dinner time. It’s just your average day when your father is ACTION DAD.


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